Date Event Status Result Links
Sat. 6 Southern Conn. State University Final W 192.650-186.150
Sat. 13 at U. of New Hampshire Final W 192.950-191.750
Sun. 21 Brown Final W 193.275-191.250
Sun. 4 at Brown w/ RIC Final 1st Place: UB-194.350, Brown-190.900, RIC-177.100
Sat. 10 at Don Tonry Invitational @ Yale w/SCSU and Springfield Final 2nd Place-Yale-194.275. UB-194.225, SCSU-191.825, Springfield-186.000
Sun. 11 at Penn w/ Temple and Ursinus Final 2nd Place: Temple-194.700, UB-194.225, Penn- 193.725, Ursinus-186.900
Sat. 17 at Ken Anderson Invitational @ Temple w/ Ursinus and West Chester Final 3rd Place: Temple-194.625, West Chester-192.650, UB-191.075, Ursinus-185.175
Sun. 25 at Texas Women's U. w/Centenary and SE Missouri State Final 2nd Place: TWU-194.675, UB-194.275, SE Missouri-193.675, Centenary-191.825
Sun. 4 at Brown w/ Brockport and SCSU Final 1st Place; UB-194.800, Brown-193.150, SCSU-192.050, Brockport-190.975
Thu. 8 U. of New Hampshire Final L 195.050-193.500
Sun. 11 at Maryland w/ Cornell, West Chester and SCSU Final 5th Place: Maryland-196.300, West Chester-193.325, Cornell-193.225, SCSU-191.950, UB-191.900
Sat. 17 Brown w/ Yale and Centenary Final 2nd Place-Yale-194.650, UB-194.275, Brown-192.600, Centenary-190.00
Sat. 24 at ECAC D II Championship Meet hosted by Southern Conn. State 1:00 pm
Sun. 1 at NCAA Regional Championship Meet TBA
Fri. 13 at USAG National Collegiate Championships hosted by Texas Women's University TBA
Sat. 14 at USAG National Collegiate Championships hosted by Texas Women's University TBA
Sun. 15 at USAG National Collegiate Championships hosted by Texas Women's University TBA
Sat. 7 at Rutgers with New Hampshire and William & Mary Final 3rd Place-UNH-193.425, Rutgers-192,875, UB-191.225, William & Mary-188.275
Sat. 14 at Brown with New Hampshire Final 1st Place-UB-194.475, UNH-193.375, Brown-192.475
Fri. 27 at Brown Final W 194.050-190.275
Sat. 28 at Yale with Southern Conn. State and RIC Final 1st Place-193.175, Yale-191.25, SCSU-184.950, RIC-172.800
Sat. 4 at Southern Conn. State Final W 194.075-192.00
Sun. 5 at Penn, Cornell with NC State Final 1st Place-194.000, NC State-193.725, Cornell-193.575, Penn-190.575
Sat. 11 at Cornell with Ithaca and SUNY Brockport Final 2n Place: Cornell-194.450, UB 193.225, Brockport State-189.550. Ithaca-189.150
Mon. 20 at UCLA with Utah State Final 3rd Place-UCLA 195.875, Utah State-195.700, UB-193.225
Sun. 26 Air Force Final W 194.275-193,975
Sun. 5 at Penn with Penn State and West Chester Final 2nd Place-Penn State-196.200, UB-193.875, West Chester-192.950, Penn-191.475
Tue. 7 Southern Conn. State, RIC and Brown Final 1st Place-UB-194.450, Brown-193.425, SCSU-190.350, RIC-182.950
Fri. 10 at Arizona State with Sacramento State Final 2nd Place-Sacramento State-195.275, UB-195.050, ASU-194.925
Sat. 18 at ECAC Division II Championship-Hosted by West Chester University Final 1st Place-UB-194.925, West Chester-192.875, SCSU-190.050
Sat. 1 at NCAA Regional Championships-Morgantown, W.V 4:00 p.m.
Fri. 7 at 2017 USA Gymnastics Collegiate Championships-Hosted by Seattle Pacific University Final 1st Place=UB-195.575, Cornell-194.200, West Chester-193.525, Air Force-192.800
Sat. 8 at 2017 USA Gymnastics Collegiate Championships-Hosted by Seattle Pacific University Final 2nd Place-Texas Women's-196.126, UB-195,500, Lindewood-195.375, Cornell-194.950
Sun. 9 at 2017 USA Gymnastics Collegiate Championships-Hosted by Seattle Pacific University Final
Fri. 15 at Lindenwood, Oregon State, UW-Eau Claire, Illinois State Final 3rd Place-OSU-196.350, Lindenwood-195.325, UB-194.150, ISU-190.725, UW Eau Claire-188.925
Sun. 24 at Brown, SCSU and Rhode Island College Final Brown-191.175, UB-190.850, SCSU-186.65, RIC-176.700
Sat. 30 at Yale, SCSU, New Hampshire Final UNH-195.800, UB-193.650, Yale-191.475, SCSU-187.875
Sun. 31 Cornell Final W 194.175-192.225
Sun. 7 at New Hampshire, Towson, Brown Final UNH-195.550, Towson-194.575, UB-194.525, Brown-192.150
Fri. 12 S. Conn. State Final W 193.525-187.350
Sun. 14 at Brown Final W 194.825-194.000
Sun. 21 at Southern Conn. State, Brown and Yale Final UB-194.125, Brown-192.750, Yale-191.300, SCSU-189.075
Sat. 27 at Nebraska, Sacramento State, N. Illinois Final Nebraska-196.400, Sacramento State-194.875, N. Illinois-194.875, Bridgeport, 193.225
Sat. 5 at Temple and Penn Final UB-194.225, Penn-191.900, Temple-190.500
Thu. 10 Yale Final W 195.100-193.700
Sat. 12 at Penn Final W 193.650-191.825
Sat. 19 2016 ECAC D II Championship Final UB-195.125, West Chester-102.325, SCSU-191.300
Fri. 8 vs. 2016 USAG National Championship Final UB-195.550. Seattle Pacific-194.750. Cornell-193.100, Air Force-191.600
Sat. 9 vs. 2016 USAG National Championship Final 2nd Place-Lindenwood-195.875, UB-195.800, Seatlle Pacific-194.875, Brown-194.500
Sun. 10 vs. 2016 USAG National Championship Final
Sat. 17 at Southern Conn. State University w/Brown & Rhode Island College Final UB-192.000, Brown-191.075, SCSU-189.850, Rhose Island College-175.375
Sat. 24 at Brown w Rhode Island College & URI Final Brown-192.375, UB-191.500, Rhode Island College-177.925, URI-170.650
Sat. 31 at Yale w Southern Conn. State & Rhode Island College Final UB-193.450, Yale-191.375, S. Conn State-190.825 RIC-176.660
Sat. 7 at West Chester w/ Rhode Island College & Ursinus Final UB-194.125, West Chester-191.825, Ursinus-190.325, Rhode Island College-173.400
Sat. 14 at Temple w/ West Chester Final UB-194.375, Temple-191.700, West Chester-190.575
Mon. 16 at Brown and New Hampshire & S. Conn. State Final New Hampshire-196.075, UB-194.450, Brown, 194.000, S. Conn. State-191.525
Sat. 21 at UCLA w/ Nebraska and Sacramento State Final UCLA-197.050, Nebraska-196.650, Sacramento State-194.150, UB-192.575
Sat. 28 at Cornell and William & Mary Final UB-193.750, Wiliam & Mary-192.975, Cornell-190.450
Sat. 7 at Rutgers & West Chester Final Rutgers-195.200, UB-194.750, West Chester-190.850
Sun. 8 at Maryland w William & Mary & Southern Conn. State Final Maryland-196.000-UB-194.075. William & Mary-193.600, SCSU-189.325
Wed. 11 Brown Final W 195.475-192.925
Sat. 14 at William & Mary Final L 195.000-194.675
Sat. 21 at ECAC Division II Championship Meet-New Haven, Conn.-Hosted By Southern Conn. State Final UB-195.225, SCSU-191.875, West Chester-190.600
Sat. 4 at NCAA Regional Championship Meet-Morgantown, WV Final
Fri. 10 at USAG National Championship Philadelphia, Pa.-Hosted by Penn Team Semifinls Final Seattle Pacific-193.825, UB-193.700. Penn-193.100, Yale-189.500
Sat. 11 at USAG National Championship-Philadelphia, Pa.-Hosted by Penn Team Finals Final Lindenwood-195.500, UB-194.675, Seattle Pacific-194.225, Texas Women's-193.775
Sun. 12 at USAG National Championship-Philadelphia, Pa.-Hosted by Penn Individaul Event Finals Final
Fri. 10 at University of Arkansas w/ Western Michigan Final Arkansas-196.200, UB-190.875, W. Michigan-190.650
Sat. 11 at Southern CT State University Final L 186.325-181.800
Thu. 16 Temple University & SCSU Final UB-192.975, Temple-188.350, SCSU-187.125
Sun. 26 at Brown University w/ Brockport & Rhode Island College Final UB-192.450, Brown-191.950, Brockposrt St.-185.550, RIC-175.075
Sat. 1 at Yale University w/ Brown & SCSU Final 1st Place: UB-192.275, Brown-191.075, SCSU-188.650, Yale-187.125
Sun. 23 at University of Nebraska w/ Kentucky & UW-Stout Final Nebraska-196.850, Kentucky-195.200, UB-190.350, UW-Stout-188.650
Fri. 28 at Penn State University w/ W. Michigan & Yale Final Penn State-196.600, W. Michigan-193.625, UB-193.500, Yale-188.525
Thu. 6 Brown Final W 194.675-191.025
Sat. 8 at UNH w/ George Washington and Penn State Final Penn State-197.200, UNH-196.675, Grorge Washington-195,150, UB-193.400
Sun. 9 at Brown University w/ West Chester & URI Final UB-194.650, Brown-194.125, West Chester-188.525, URI-170,800
Sat. 15 at University of Arizona w/ Texas Women's & BYU FInal Arizona-196.450. BYU-196.025, Texas Women's-194.575, UB-193.675
Thu. 20 Yale University Final W 193.525-189.950
Sat. 22 vs. ECAC Championships Final UB-192.825, West Chester-190.250, SCSU-190.250
Sat. 5 at NCAA Regional Championships @ Penn State Final
Fri. 11 vs. USA Gymnastics Collegiate National Championships FInal Air Force-193.800, UB-193.625, Lndenwood-192.900, Cornell-191.950
Sat. 12 vs. USA Gymnastics Collegiate National Championships Final UB-195.225, Texas Women's-194.725, Seattle Pacific-194.550, Air Force-104.350
Sun. 13 vs. USA Gymnastics Collegiate National Championships Final
Thu. 10 University of Alaska Final W 191.450-187.425
Sat. 19 at Rutgers w/Ursinus & Penn Final UB-194.100, Rutgers-192.925, Penn-190.525, Ursinus-182.725
Sun. 20 at Brown w/RIC and Wilson plus URI Club Final UB-194.600, Brown-192.225, URI Club-168.575, RIC-166.550
Sat. 26 at Towson w/Ursinus & Lindenwood Final UB-194.650, Towson-193.00, Lindenwood-187.650, Ursinus-181.150
Sat. 2 at Temple w/West Chester & Ursinus Final UB-193.975, Temple-189.825, West Chester-184.875, Ursinus-183.075
Sat. 16 at Yale w/ West Chester and Springfield Final UB-194.725, Yale-191.325, West Chester-186.000, Springfield-182.050
Sun. 17 at Penn Final W 195.325-193.975
Fri. 22 at University of Maryland w/Pitt and George Washington Final 2nd-Maryland-195.600, UB-195.200, Pitt-194.875, George Washington-194.825
Thu. 28 Southern Connecticut State Final W 195.300-188.975
Sat. 9 at Ohio State Final L 196.850-194.300
Tue. 12 at Brown w/Yale and URI Club Final UB-196.200, Yale-193.475, Brown-191.625, URI Club-162.575
Fri. 15 at Arizona State Final L 196.025-195,725
Sat. 23 2013 ECAC Division II Championship Final 1st-UB-195.875, SCSU-191.450, West Chester-187.700
Sat. 6 vs. NCAA Regional Championship Final 6th-194.225
Fri. 12 vs. USAG Collegiate National Championship Final 1st-195.450
Sat. 13 vs. USAG Collegiate National Championship Final 1st-196.500, TWU-194.800, Centenary-193.975, Brown-193.575
Sun. 14 vs. USAG Collegiate National Championship 2:00 pm
Fri. 9 Intersquad Meet # 12:00 pm
Sat. 14 at Rhode Island College Final W 189.150-172.150
Fri. 20 at Maryland w/Alaska Final Maryland-193.950, UB-192.600, Alaska-185.900
Sun. 22 at Brown w/Rhode Island College Final UB-191.800, Brown-187.425, RIC-169.250
Fri. 27 at Florida w/Arkansas and Maryland Final Florida-197.775, Arkansas-196.700, Maryland-193.075, UB-192.975
Fri. 3 Towson Final W 194.625-192.475
Sat. 11 at Yale w/Springfield and RIC Final 1st Place-UB 193.075. Yale 190.400, Springfield 185.625, RIC 170.700
Sat. 18 at Metroplex Challenge @ Ft. Worth, Texas Final 2nd Place-Stanford-196.375, Bridgeport 193.600, Brown-191.725
Sat. 25 at Rutgers w/Air Force and Eastern Michigan Final 1st Place: UB-193.875, Eastern Michigan-193.125, Rutgers-192.400, Air Force-190.950
Sat. 3 at New Hampshire w/Maryland and Brown Final 1st Place: UB-196.350, UNH-195.800, Maryland-194.875, Brown-191.575
Thu. 8 Brown w/Southern Conn. State Final 1st Place-UB 195.675, SCSU-190.675, Brown-190-375
Sun. 11 at Maryand w/Penn Final 2nd Place-Maryland-195.075, UB-192.950, Penn-191.650
Fri. 16 at Arizona w/Air Force and Utah State Final 2nd Place-Arizona-196.525, UB-193.525, Utah State-192.975, Air Force-192.175
Sat. 24 at ECAC D II Championship @ Southern Conn. State Final 1st Place-UB-195.475, SCSU-191.175, West Chester-188.775
Sat. 7 at NCAA Regional @ NC State Final
Thu. 12 USAG Collegiate National Championship Final 1st out of 4 Teams (195.525)
Fri. 13 USAG Collegiate National Championship Finals 1st Place-UB-195.575, Texas Woman's-193.700. Penn-193.475, Air Force-191.075
Sat. 14 USAG Collegiate National Championship Final
Sun. 16 at Brown University w/Towson Final 2nd Place-Towson-191.050, UB-190.100, Brown-188.500
Sat. 22 at Rhode island College w/Wilson & Ithaca Final 1st Place UB-188.050, Ithaca-182.250, Wilson-160.225, Rhode Island College-156.400
Sun. 30 at New Hampshire Final L 194.025-192.150
Fri. 4 at Rutgers U. w/Brown Final 1st Place-UB: 191.975, Rutgers-191.225, Brown-188.300
Sun. 6 at Penn State w/Pittsburgh & West Virginia Final 4th Place-Penn State-195.500, WVU-194.050, Pitt-193.465, UB-192.250
Sat. 12 at US Air Force Academy Final W 192.425-192.400
Fri. 25 New Hampshire Final L 194.375-191.300
Sat. 26 at Rutgers Invitational Final 2nd Place: Rutgers-194.150, UB-191.850, Ursinus-182.425
Sun. 27 at Maryland w/Temple & William & Mary Final 2nd Place-Maryland-195.450, UB-192.825, Temple-190.150, William & Mary-187.750
Sun. 6 at Brown w.Southern Conn. State and MIT Final 2nd Place: Brown 191.875, UB-190.800, SCSU-188.275, MIT-136.775
Fri. 11 at Arizona State Final L 195.450-192.150
Sat. 19 at ECAC Championship Final 1st Place: UB-192.00, SCSU-187.725, West Chester-186.050
Sat. 2 vs. NCAA D I Regional-Ann Arbor, Michigan Final
Fri. 8 at USAG National Championship Meet Final 1st place in session-UB Moves On To Team Finals On Saturday Night
Sat. 9 at USAG National Championship Meet Final 1st Place: UB-194.050, Texas Women's-193.300, USAF-191.575, Seattle Pacific-190.950
Sun. 10 at USAG National Championship Meet-Individual Event Finals Final
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