Date Event Status Result Links
Sat. 6 Southern Conn. State University Final W 192.650-186.150
Sat. 13 at U. of New Hampshire Final W 192.950-191.750
Sun. 21 Brown Final W 193.275-191.250
Sun. 4 at Brown w/ RIC Final 1st Place: UB-194.350, Brown-190.900, RIC-177.100
Sat. 10 at Don Tonry Invitational @ Yale w/SCSU and Springfield Final 2nd Place-Yale-194.275. UB-194.225, SCSU-191.825, Springfield-186.000
Sun. 11 at Penn w/ Temple and Ursinus Final 2nd Place: Temple-194.700, UB-194.225, Penn- 193.725, Ursinus-186.900
Sat. 17 at Ken Anderson Invitational @ Temple w/ Ursinus and West Chester Final 3rd Place: Temple-194.625, West Chester-192.650, UB-191.075, Ursinus-185.175
Sun. 25 at Texas Women's U. w/Centenary and SE Missouri State Final 2nd Place: TWU-194.675, UB-194.275, SE Missouri-193.675, Centenary-191.825
Sun. 4 at Brown w/ Brockport and SCSU Final 1st Place; UB-194.800, Brown-193.150, SCSU-192.050, Brockport-190.975
Thu. 8 U. of New Hampshire Final L 195.050-193.500
Sun. 11 at Maryland w/ Cornell, West Chester and SCSU Final 5th Place: Maryland-196.300, West Chester-193.325, Cornell-193.225, SCSU-191.950, UB-191.900
Sat. 17 Brown w/ Yale and Centenary Final 2nd Place-Yale-194.650, UB-194.275, Brown-192.600, Centenary-190.00
Sat. 24 at ECAC D II Championship Meet hosted by Southern Conn. State Final 1st Place: UB-195.100, West Chester-192.625, SCSU-191.900
Sat. 7 at NCAA Regional Championship Meet 4:00 p.m.
Fri. 13 at USAG National Collegiate Championships hosted by Texas Women's University Final 3rd place: Air Force-194.950, Lindenwood-194.950, UB-194.850, Penn-193.925
Sun. 15 at USAG National Collegiate Championships hosted by Texas Women's University Final
Sat. 7 at Rutgers with New Hampshire and William & Mary Final 3rd Place-UNH-193.425, Rutgers-192,875, UB-191.225, William & Mary-188.275
Sat. 14 at Brown with New Hampshire Final 1st Place-UB-194.475, UNH-193.375, Brown-192.475
Fri. 27 at Brown Final W 194.050-190.275
Sat. 28 at Yale with Southern Conn. State and RIC Final 1st Place-193.175, Yale-191.25, SCSU-184.950, RIC-172.800
Sat. 4 at Southern Conn. State Final W 194.075-192.00
Sun. 5 at Penn, Cornell with NC State Final 1st Place-194.000, NC State-193.725, Cornell-193.575, Penn-190.575
Sat. 11 at Cornell with Ithaca and SUNY Brockport Final 2n Place: Cornell-194.450, UB 193.225, Brockport State-189.550. Ithaca-189.150
Mon. 20 at UCLA with Utah State Final 3rd Place-UCLA 195.875, Utah State-195.700, UB-193.225
Sun. 26 Air Force Final W 194.275-193,975
Sun. 5 at Penn with Penn State and West Chester Final 2nd Place-Penn State-196.200, UB-193.875, West Chester-192.950, Penn-191.475
Tue. 7 Southern Conn. State, RIC and Brown Final 1st Place-UB-194.450, Brown-193.425, SCSU-190.350, RIC-182.950
Fri. 10 at Arizona State with Sacramento State Final 2nd Place-Sacramento State-195.275, UB-195.050, ASU-194.925
Sat. 18 at ECAC Division II Championship-Hosted by West Chester University Final 1st Place-UB-194.925, West Chester-192.875, SCSU-190.050
Sat. 1 at NCAA Regional Championships-Morgantown, W.V 4:00 p.m.
Fri. 7 at 2017 USA Gymnastics Collegiate Championships-Hosted by Seattle Pacific University Final 1st Place=UB-195.575, Cornell-194.200, West Chester-193.525, Air Force-192.800
Sat. 8 at 2017 USA Gymnastics Collegiate Championships-Hosted by Seattle Pacific University Final 2nd Place-Texas Women's-196.126, UB-195,500, Lindewood-195.375, Cornell-194.950
Sun. 9 at 2017 USA Gymnastics Collegiate Championships-Hosted by Seattle Pacific University Final
Fri. 15 at Lindenwood, Oregon State, UW-Eau Claire, Illinois State Final 3rd Place-OSU-196.350, Lindenwood-195.325, UB-194.150, ISU-190.725, UW Eau Claire-188.925
Sun. 24 at Brown, SCSU and Rhode Island College Final Brown-191.175, UB-190.850, SCSU-186.65, RIC-176.700
Sat. 30 at Yale, SCSU, New Hampshire Final UNH-195.800, UB-193.650, Yale-191.475, SCSU-187.875
Sun. 31 Cornell Final W 194.175-192.225
Sun. 7 at New Hampshire, Towson, Brown Final UNH-195.550, Towson-194.575, UB-194.525, Brown-192.150
Fri. 12 S. Conn. State Final W 193.525-187.350
Sun. 14 at Brown Final W 194.825-194.000
Sun. 21 at Southern Conn. State, Brown and Yale Final UB-194.125, Brown-192.750, Yale-191.300, SCSU-189.075
Sat. 27 at Nebraska, Sacramento State, N. Illinois Final Nebraska-196.400, Sacramento State-194.875, N. Illinois-194.875, Bridgeport, 193.225
Sat. 5 at Temple and Penn Final UB-194.225, Penn-191.900, Temple-190.500
Thu. 10 Yale Final W 195.100-193.700
Sat. 12 at Penn Final W 193.650-191.825
Sat. 19 2016 ECAC D II Championship Final UB-195.125, West Chester-102.325, SCSU-191.300
Fri. 8 vs. 2016 USAG National Championship Final UB-195.550. Seattle Pacific-194.750. Cornell-193.100, Air Force-191.600
Sat. 9 vs. 2016 USAG National Championship Final 2nd Place-Lindenwood-195.875, UB-195.800, Seatlle Pacific-194.875, Brown-194.500
Sun. 10 vs. 2016 USAG National Championship Final
Sat. 17 at Southern Conn. State University w/Brown & Rhode Island College Final UB-192.000, Brown-191.075, SCSU-189.850, Rhose Island College-175.375
Sat. 24 at Brown w Rhode Island College & URI Final Brown-192.375, UB-191.500, Rhode Island College-177.925, URI-170.650
Sat. 31 at Yale w Southern Conn. State & Rhode Island College Final UB-193.450, Yale-191.375, S. Conn State-190.825 RIC-176.660
Sat. 7 at West Chester w/ Rhode Island College & Ursinus Final UB-194.125, West Chester-191.825, Ursinus-190.325, Rhode Island College-173.400
Sat. 14 at Temple w/ West Chester Final UB-194.375, Temple-191.700, West Chester-190.575
Mon. 16 at Brown and New Hampshire & S. Conn. State Final New Hampshire-196.075, UB-194.450, Brown, 194.000, S. Conn. State-191.525
Sat. 21 at UCLA w/ Nebraska and Sacramento State Final UCLA-197.050, Nebraska-196.650, Sacramento State-194.150, UB-192.575
Sat. 28 at Cornell and William & Mary Final UB-193.750, Wiliam & Mary-192.975, Cornell-190.450
Sat. 7 at Rutgers & West Chester Final Rutgers-195.200, UB-194.750, West Chester-190.850
Sun. 8 at Maryland w William & Mary & Southern Conn. State Final Maryland-196.000-UB-194.075. William & Mary-193.600, SCSU-189.325
Wed. 11 Brown Final W 195.475-192.925
Sat. 14 at William & Mary Final L 195.000-194.675
Sat. 21 at ECAC Division II Championship Meet-New Haven, Conn.-Hosted By Southern Conn. State Final UB-195.225, SCSU-191.875, West Chester-190.600
Sat. 4 at NCAA Regional Championship Meet-Morgantown, WV Final
Fri. 10 at USAG National Championship Philadelphia, Pa.-Hosted by Penn Team Semifinls Final Seattle Pacific-193.825, UB-193.700. Penn-193.100, Yale-189.500
Sat. 11 at USAG National Championship-Philadelphia, Pa.-Hosted by Penn Team Finals Final Lindenwood-195.500, UB-194.675, Seattle Pacific-194.225, Texas Women's-193.775
Sun. 12 at USAG National Championship-Philadelphia, Pa.-Hosted by Penn Individaul Event Finals Final
Fri. 10 at University of Arkansas w/ Western Michigan Final Arkansas-196.200, UB-190.875, W. Michigan-190.650
Sat. 11 at Southern CT State University Final L 186.325-181.800
Thu. 16 Temple University & SCSU Final UB-192.975, Temple-188.350, SCSU-187.125
Sun. 26 at Brown University w/ Brockport & Rhode Island College Final UB-192.450, Brown-191.950, Brockposrt St.-185.550, RIC-175.075
Sat. 1 at Yale University w/ Brown & SCSU Final 1st Place: UB-192.275, Brown-191.075, SCSU-188.650, Yale-187.125
Sun. 23 at University of Nebraska w/ Kentucky & UW-Stout Final Nebraska-196.850, Kentucky-195.200, UB-190.350, UW-Stout-188.650
Fri. 28 at Penn State University w/ W. Michigan & Yale Final Penn State-196.600, W. Michigan-193.625, UB-193.500, Yale-188.525
Thu. 6 Brown Final W 194.675-191.025
Sat. 8 at UNH w/ George Washington and Penn State Final Penn State-197.200, UNH-196.675, Grorge Washington-195,150, UB-193.400
Sun. 9 at Brown University w/ West Chester & URI Final UB-194.650, Brown-194.125, West Chester-188.525, URI-170,800
Sat. 15 at University of Arizona w/ Texas Women's & BYU FInal Arizona-196.450. BYU-196.025, Texas Women's-194.575, UB-193.675
Thu. 20 Yale University Final W 193.525-189.950
Sat. 22 vs. ECAC Championships Final UB-192.825, West Chester-190.250, SCSU-190.250
Sat. 5 at NCAA Regional Championships @ Penn State Final
Fri. 11 vs. USA Gymnastics Collegiate National Championships FInal Air Force-193.800, UB-193.625, Lndenwood-192.900, Cornell-191.950
Sat. 12 vs. USA Gymnastics Collegiate National Championships Final UB-195.225, Texas Women's-194.725, Seattle Pacific-194.550, Air Force-104.350
Sun. 13 vs. USA Gymnastics Collegiate National Championships Final
Thu. 10 University of Alaska Final W 191.450-187.425
Sat. 19 at Rutgers w/Ursinus & Penn Final UB-194.100, Rutgers-192.925, Penn-190.525, Ursinus-182.725
Sun. 20 at Brown w/RIC and Wilson plus URI Club Final UB-194.600, Brown-192.225, URI Club-168.575, RIC-166.550
Sat. 26 at Towson w/Ursinus & Lindenwood Final UB-194.650, Towson-193.00, Lindenwood-187.650, Ursinus-181.150
Sat. 2 at Temple w/West Chester & Ursinus Final UB-193.975, Temple-189.825, West Chester-184.875, Ursinus-183.075
Sat. 16 at Yale w/ West Chester and Springfield Final UB-194.725, Yale-191.325, West Chester-186.000, Springfield-182.050
Sun. 17 at Penn Final W 195.325-193.975
Fri. 22 at University of Maryland w/Pitt and George Washington Final 2nd-Maryland-195.600, UB-195.200, Pitt-194.875, George Washington-194.825
Thu. 28 Southern Connecticut State Final W 195.300-188.975
Sat. 9 at Ohio State Final L 196.850-194.300
Tue. 12 at Brown w/Yale and URI Club Final UB-196.200, Yale-193.475, Brown-191.625, URI Club-162.575
Fri. 15 at Arizona State Final L 196.025-195,725
Sat. 23 2013 ECAC Division II Championship Final 1st-UB-195.875, SCSU-191.450, West Chester-187.700
Sat. 6 vs. NCAA Regional Championship Final 6th-194.225
Fri. 12 vs. USAG Collegiate National Championship Final 1st-195.450
Sat. 13 vs. USAG Collegiate National Championship Final 1st-196.500, TWU-194.800, Centenary-193.975, Brown-193.575
Sun. 14 vs. USAG Collegiate National Championship 2:00 pm
Fri. 9 Intersquad Meet # 12:00 pm
Sat. 14 at Rhode Island College Final W 189.150-172.150
Fri. 20 at Maryland w/Alaska Final Maryland-193.950, UB-192.600, Alaska-185.900
Sun. 22 at Brown w/Rhode Island College Final UB-191.800, Brown-187.425, RIC-169.250
Fri. 27 at Florida w/Arkansas and Maryland Final Florida-197.775, Arkansas-196.700, Maryland-193.075, UB-192.975
Fri. 3 Towson Final W 194.625-192.475
Sat. 11 at Yale w/Springfield and RIC Final 1st Place-UB 193.075. Yale 190.400, Springfield 185.625, RIC 170.700
Sat. 18 at Metroplex Challenge @ Ft. Worth, Texas Final 2nd Place-Stanford-196.375, Bridgeport 193.600, Brown-191.725
Sat. 25 at Rutgers w/Air Force and Eastern Michigan Final 1st Place: UB-193.875, Eastern Michigan-193.125, Rutgers-192.400, Air Force-190.950
Sat. 3 at New Hampshire w/Maryland and Brown Final 1st Place: UB-196.350, UNH-195.800, Maryland-194.875, Brown-191.575
Thu. 8 Brown w/Southern Conn. State Final 1st Place-UB 195.675, SCSU-190.675, Brown-190-375
Sun. 11 at Maryand w/Penn Final 2nd Place-Maryland-195.075, UB-192.950, Penn-191.650
Fri. 16 at Arizona w/Air Force and Utah State Final 2nd Place-Arizona-196.525, UB-193.525, Utah State-192.975, Air Force-192.175
Sat. 24 at ECAC D II Championship @ Southern Conn. State Final 1st Place-UB-195.475, SCSU-191.175, West Chester-188.775
Sat. 7 at NCAA Regional @ NC State Final
Thu. 12 USAG Collegiate National Championship Final 1st out of 4 Teams (195.525)
Fri. 13 USAG Collegiate National Championship Finals 1st Place-UB-195.575, Texas Woman's-193.700. Penn-193.475, Air Force-191.075
Sat. 14 USAG Collegiate National Championship Final
Sun. 16 at Brown University w/Towson Final 2nd Place-Towson-191.050, UB-190.100, Brown-188.500
Sat. 22 at Rhode island College w/Wilson & Ithaca Final 1st Place UB-188.050, Ithaca-182.250, Wilson-160.225, Rhode Island College-156.400
Sun. 30 at New Hampshire Final L 194.025-192.150
Fri. 4 at Rutgers U. w/Brown Final 1st Place-UB: 191.975, Rutgers-191.225, Brown-188.300
Sun. 6 at Penn State w/Pittsburgh & West Virginia Final 4th Place-Penn State-195.500, WVU-194.050, Pitt-193.465, UB-192.250
Sat. 12 at US Air Force Academy Final W 192.425-192.400
Fri. 25 New Hampshire Final L 194.375-191.300
Sat. 26 at Rutgers Invitational Final 2nd Place: Rutgers-194.150, UB-191.850, Ursinus-182.425
Sun. 27 at Maryland w/Temple & William & Mary Final 2nd Place-Maryland-195.450, UB-192.825, Temple-190.150, William & Mary-187.750
Sun. 6 at Brown w.Southern Conn. State and MIT Final 2nd Place: Brown 191.875, UB-190.800, SCSU-188.275, MIT-136.775
Fri. 11 at Arizona State Final L 195.450-192.150
Sat. 19 at ECAC Championship Final 1st Place: UB-192.00, SCSU-187.725, West Chester-186.050
Sat. 2 vs. NCAA D I Regional-Ann Arbor, Michigan Final
Fri. 8 at USAG National Championship Meet Final 1st place in session-UB Moves On To Team Finals On Saturday Night
Sat. 9 at USAG National Championship Meet Final 1st Place: UB-194.050, Texas Women's-193.300, USAF-191.575, Seattle Pacific-190.950
Sun. 10 at USAG National Championship Meet-Individual Event Finals Final
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